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Wash Services


MEGA-GWAT   - $18.00

• ELECTRIC BITE High Pressure Prep      • LIZARD SKIN Weather Guard Protectant

• GWAT SNOT Foam Bath                         • FIREBALL FLASH Wax & Polish

• FALLOUT Under Car Wash                      • GENTLE GIANT Soft Touch Wash

• NUCLEAR Wheel/Tire Wash                    • Spot Free REPTILE RINSE

• RADIAL-ACTIVE Tire Shine                     • GWATZILLA BREATH No-Touch Dryer




• ELECTRIC BITE High Pressure Prep       • FIREBALL FLASH Wax & Polish

• GWAT SNOT Foam Bath                          • GENTLE GIANT Soft Touch Wash

• FALLOUT Under Car Wash                      • Spot Free REPTILE RINSE

• NUCLEAR Wheel / Tire Wash                  • GWATZILLA BREATH No-Touch Dryer


• ELECTRIC BITE High Pressure Prep      • GWAT SNOT Foam Bath

• FALLOUT Under Car Wash                     • GENTLE GIANT Soft Touch Wash

• Spot Free REPTILE RINSE                     • GWATZILLA BREATH No-Touch Dryer

GWAT JR - $6

• ELECTRIC BITE High Pressure Prep     • GENTLE GIANT Soft Touch Rinse

• Spot Free REPTILE RINSE                    • GWATZILLA BREATH No-Touch Dryer